Sunday, 9 July 2017

Look No. 84 // My Heart Flutters

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Triumph Eyes - Dusk ::
:: Tattoo - Rebel Cheese Emily Tattoo ::
:: Eye Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Lipstick - Frosting Sweet Jane Lips - Bonus Lilac ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Scout - Blondes ::
:: Nose - .ARISE. Trila Septum - Gold ::
:: Neck - .BF. Kah Choker & Necklace - Gold ::
:: Wrists - .DirtyStories. Black Perls Magic ::
:: Outfit - OOPS! Ruffle Body {@ The Darkness Monthly Event} ::
:: Boots - Wicca's Wardrobe Fleur Boot - Black/White ::
:: Props - {anc} Ephemera - Clear ::

My Thoughts:
This month at the Darkness Monthly Event is this spectacular entry brought to you by OOPS!
This is an all-in-one bodysuit with the cross texture upon it. It has very cute detailing including the ruffled material across the breasts and off-the-shoulder sleeves which really make it pop! It comes with a user-friendly HUD to change the colouring and comes to fit the Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP bodies.
I have paired this lovely outfit with the sexy boots from Wicca's Wardrobe and the beautiful multi-toned hair from TRUTH, which is one of their newer hairs that comes with the unique stylist HUD. Perfect for any occasion and definitely something to add to your wardrobe ♥

 :: 5th July - 31st July 2017 ::

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Look No. 83 // Sassy Girl

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Triumph Eyes - Dusk ::
:: Eye Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Lipstick - [Stellar] Legendary Liquid Lipstick - Nude 02 ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Jojo - Candy ::
:: Nose - PUNCH Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Neck - :Fusion: Spiked Gold Necklace ::
:: Outfit - OOPS! Ruffle Bikini {@ The Darkness Chamber} ::
:: Boots - #EMPIRE Jonquil ::

My Thoughts:
It's that time again when OOPS! makes a brand new entry for the Darkness Chamber Fair ♥
The object of my desire for this round is this cute ruffle bikini, perfect to wear on the town or on the beach, hell, even a night out at a club listening to your favourite DJ spin some tunes! 
This comes with an off-the-shoulder ruffle top that droops over the boob area, and tight fitting bottoms that expose your cheekiness, but not too much of course! This comes with a user-friendly HUD that changes the textures to be things such as bats, aztec, ouija, stars and polka dots! It comes to fit the Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP bodies.
I have paired this entry with the jonquil boots from #EMPIRE and the beautiful hair from TRUTH as they both really helped to set this look off well.

:: 1st July - 22nd July 2017 ::

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Look No. 82 // Hello Gorgeous

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Lola - Light Blondes ::
:: Head Accessory - WarPaint* Les Temps De Glamour - Black ::
:: Eye Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Lipstick - [MJN] Stolen Crown Matte ::
:: Arms - Just Design Vania Gloves - Black ::
::Outfit - OOPS! Gigi {@ Applique} ::
:: Boots - #EMPIRE Pansy ::
:: Top Pose - LW Poses - Hope ::
:: Bottom Pose - BEZ! K Poses - 1 ::

My Thoughts:
I am feeling very special and sexy today, wearing this complete outfit made by OOPS! ♥
They have made it for the Applique event which is an event for appliers only. So let's discuss!
The whole outfit is in the form of only one hud and it is super easy to apply, just click on the sign for the one you need and it goes on perfectly, no lumps or bumps at all!
You get the laced crop top and the high waisted semi-opaque shorts. With each set of appliers, the shorts are always black, but the tops range from white, pink, red and black.  This comes with buttons for Maitreya, Belleza and the overall Omega that suits just about everyone!
I have paired this beautiful outfit with the laced top hat from Warpaint and the gloves from Just Design and each part compliments one another.
Run on down and grab your bits and bobs, before they disappear ♥

:: June 15th - July 6th ::

Friday, 9 June 2017

Look No. 81 // Inked Up

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Scout - Blondes ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Only Kiss This ::
:: Makeup - .euphoric Drew Eyeliner ::
:: Neck - #EMPIRE Choker ::
:: Nose - LOULOU&CO Nose Chain - Rama ::
:: Stomach - PUNCH Belly Piercing - Diamond ::
::Outfit - OOPS! Karina Top/Skirt {Jersey Shore 2} ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Underground Background - 2 {@ Uber}

My Thoughts:
My concentration today is aiming towards this sexy outfit brought to you by OOPS! and can be picked up at the Jersey Shore 2 event this month ♥
It is the Karina outfit which includes the small leather bra and leather mini skirt! I think you will agree that they hug the body perfectly, and at the back you even see a small part of your cheeky bum!
It comes in a range of different colours including black, gold, pink, red, blue and purple using the texture HUD provided and comes to fit the Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Ebody, Slink and Tonic mesh bodies.
I have paired this with this amazing tattoo from TAOX which really helps to show this outfit off perfectly, as well as the new scout hair from TRUTH. This is one of the hairs with the new style hud, so be sure to grab all of these goodies for your wardrobe!

:: 3rd - 30th June 2017 ::

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Look No. 80 // Keepin' It Real

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Taja - Blondes ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Sleeves Malicious ::
:: Makeup - .euphoric Drew Eyeliner ::
:: Necklace - [MANDALA] Taiga ::
:: Stomach - PUNCH Belly Piercing - Diamond ::
:: Wrists - RealEvil Industries LUX Kitty Watch & Bracelets ::
:: Top - OOPS! Stay Strong Top {Group Gift} ::
:: Pants - Legal Insanity Cookie Baggy Blue Jeans - Bandana ::
:: Footwear - MESH Agency Flat Studded Sneakers - Lewis ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Underground Background - 4 {@ Uber}

My Thoughts:
It's almost summer time.. it's warm outside and this look is perfect to keep you cool whilst looking hot ♥ 
The item I want to focus on today is the sport-like top brought to you by OOPS! and is the group gift this month! How lucky are we.. getting such a special item absolutely FREE!
This top is cropped and strappy and has a black painted handprint on the left boob. It covers everything nicely, leaving just the right amount to the imagination. It comes in three different colours which are teal, black and pink and comes to fit the Maitreya, Belleza, Ebody, SLink, TMP and Tonic mesh bodies!
I have paired this with the adorable baggy jeans from Legal Insanity and comes with a HUD to change the colour of the boxers.. all you have to do is pick the right color jeans before purchase. ♥
Make sure you add these to your wardrobe this summer!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Look No. 79 // Be Vicious..

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Sleeves Malicious ::
:: Hair - BLASPHEMIC Under Hood Hair Gacha - Fire {@ Jersey Shore} ::
:: Makeup - .euphoric Drew Eyeliner ::
:: Lipstick - BLASPHEMIC As Wild As You Wanna Be - Red {@ Jersey Shore} ::
:: Brow Jewels - TABOU Hana Forehead Piercing - Black ::
:: Neck - OOPS! Pervert Chokers - Bitch Vicious {@ The Darkness Monthly Event} ::
:: Dress - Blueberry Nova - Black ::
:: Panties - REIGN. Mishi Thigh High Boots - Black ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Underground Background - 1 {@ Uber}

My Thoughts:
We have three fantabulous items to talk about today, the first two can be found at the Jersey Shore event and are brought to you by BLASPHEMIC ♥
The first item are the bangs that are made specially for hoodies. I have tried them with a few different hoodie outfits and they fit perfectly underneath every time! They are rigged mesh and come in a range of different colors including blondes, brunettes, reds and the more unconventional colors. These are part of a major gacha!
The second item is the seductively sexy red lipstick that you see! I decided to apply the one with the star design on the bottom lip but you can get a cross, the word 'smile', a peace sign and more! This also comes in a range of different colors including silver, purple and pink and fits the CATWA head.

Our third item can be found at the Darkness Monthly event and brought to you by OOPS! ♥
This item is the amazingly cute collar-type choker that you see around the neck. It it made from dark leather and each design had light gold lettering on it. The collar itself is completely resizable so will fit just about anyone and to be honest it's my new favourite! These are very naughty phrases but devilishly good, so make sure you run on down to this event!


:: 3rd - 30th June 2017 ::

 :: 5th - 30th June 2017 ::

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Look No. 78 // Night On The Tiles

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Kare - Brunette ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Christy's Ribbon Choker - Black ::
:: Wrists - Kibitz Chara Bangles - Copper ::
:: Undies - Belleza Helena - Black ::
:: Dress - BLASPHEMIC Merlyn Dress - Black {@ TWE12VE} ::
:: Panties - #EMPIRE Jonquil ::

My Thoughts
Today we are going to talk about this sexy, sultry release from BLASPHEMIC which is their newest entry for the TWE12VE event ♥
This is a fishnet coverall dress that wraps around the body nicely, giving you a really shapely look. It fully covers the left side but on the right side, the material goes and comes together, leaving your skin exposed and adds to the hot effect! This comes in many different colors that are sold separately and comes to fit Maitreya, Belleza, Ebody and Slink!
 I have paired this with the beautiful underwear made by Belleza and comes with the main Freya body!

:: 12th - 31st May 2017 ::

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Look No. 77 // Hello Spring!

:: Body - Belleza Freya FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Kare - Brunette ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Bitch Necklace ::
:: Belly - PUNCH Belly Piercing - Diamond ::
:: Shirt - OOPS! Hello Spring Top {@ Outrageous} ::
:: Bottom - OOPS! Sabrina Shorts {@ Outrageous} ::
:: Panties - #EMPIRE Sedum ::

My Thoughts
So the topic of today's post is this amazing outfit brought to you by OOPS! and both entries have been made for the Outrageous event ♥
The first item is this lovely strappy top that has a beautiful heart floral design and says the words 'Hello Spring'. This comes with a unique texture HUD to switch the colours around and each set is so pretty, you will love it!
The second item sits perfectly with the first and are these super cute, high cut denim shorts! They come in a range of matching colors that you can again change with a texture HUD.  Both items are made for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP and Tonic ♥

:: 6th - 30th May 2017 ::

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Look No. 76 // Starry Nights

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - The Attic Candy Eyes ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Sleeve Malicious ::
:: Makeup - Glam Affair Glenny ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Anouk - Light Blondes ::
:: Necklace - .Random.Matter. Marsandra Choker - Gold ::
:: Dress - BLASPHEMIC Nancy Dress - Black {@ The Thrift Shop} ::

My Thoughts:
Something that you need to bag very speedily is this new item brought to you by BLASPHEMIC! This can be found at the Thrift Shop but you have to hurry before it disappears ♥
This is a super cute dress that will bring you right into the warm, summery period nicely. This is a strappy little number with a star design right on the front, totally crafted from fishnet.
This comes in a range of different colours that are sold separately, including black, white pink, purple, red and green!
This also comes to fit various mesh bodies including Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Belleza.
Grab your copy today!

:: 15th April - 6th May 2017 ::

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Look No. 75 // Innocence

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Moor ::
:: Makeup - .Euphoric Nefertiti Eyeliner ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Ginger - Light Blondes ::
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC Micca Bodysuit - White {@ TWE12VE} ::
:: Bed - tarte. Kendall Bed ::

My Thoughts:
This outfit may give you the look of innocence, but trust me, this is very sexy and sultry! 
We have the amazing lace bodysuit that is beautifully cut to match the curves of your person. It starts off at the top with a beautiful collar, before it splits in two going down the body and over the boobage, before coming together at the bottom to cover all of the important parts so perfectly! As you can see, there is a tiny skirt-like hem that is so sort after, and really brings this piece to life!
The lace arm bands and leg bands are all included in this one piece suit and comes in a range of different colours including white, black, red, pink and purple. It comes to fit the Maitreya and Slink bodies!
This outfit was brought to you by BLASPHEMIC and can be found at the TWE12VE event this April ♥

:: 12th - 30th April 2017 ::

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Look No. 74 // On The Town

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - The Attic Candy Eyes ::
:: Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Forehead - PUNCH Cross Piece ::
:: Nose - *LOULOU&CO* Nose Chain Rama - Black ::
:: Hair - Magika Luxe Box May Exclusive ::
:: Necklace - Fusion Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set ::
:: Outfit - OOPS! Calamity {@ Dark Side 2 Fair} ::
:: Arms - MADDICT Nina Arm Warmers - Black ::
:: Boots - Pacagaia Creations Stephany Sneakers ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Illusion Background - 4 ::

My Thoughts:
The outfit in store for you today is brought to you by my sponsor OOPS! and can be found at the Dark Side 2 Fair. This includes this wonderful dress and fishnet tights that doesn't cover the butt at the back but give you that sexy rockish look ♥
The dress, as you can see, hides all of the important lady parts, leaving just enough to the imagination which is enticing! The dress comes with a HUD to change the texture and they include bats, crosses and many more, all in black and white! It comes to fit Maitreya, Slink, Ebody and Belleza.
 Even though this outfit comes with platform shoes, I have paired this outfit with another set of boots from PC that come with an amazing texture/color HUD and are tiptoe in design, also for all of the mesh feet!

:: 8th - 30th April 2017 ::

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Look No. 73 // Darkness In Roses

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Promise Eyes - Denim ::
:: Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Hair - TRUTH AveryElena - Light Blondes ::
:: Head Accessory - OOPS! Dead Garden {@ Dark Side 2 Fair} ::
:: Top - Asteria Vera Top - Red ::
:: Skirt - BLASPHEMIC Yulia Skirt - Black {@ Dark Side 2 Fair} ::
:: Shoes - #EMPIRE Bellflower ::

My Thoughts:
Roses are in full bloom this season and it is well recognised in the second life community! First up is the attractive headband brought to you by OOPS! 
It has a black base and has thorns coming from the headband striking directly upward. In between each thorn is a little rose and this comes with a user-friendly HUD to change the colouring to match any outfit ♥ This can be found at the Dark Side 2!
Next up is this shapely, pencil skirt brought to you by BLASPHEMIC! This can be found at the Dark Side 2 Fashion Fair and is super sexy. As you can see from the picture, this is a knee length skirt which has buttons to fasten the front.. something you may see at the office! It comes in a range of different colours and comes to fit the Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies. 

:: 8th-30th April 2017 ::

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Look No. 72 // Releasing The Tension

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Hair - TETRA Banana - Light Tones ::
:: Tummy Tattoo - BLASPHEMIC Crossed {Hunt Item} ::
:: Tummy Piercing - ~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring ::
:: Wrists - Flow. Wrist - Plain ::
:: Top - OOPS! Sexy Bitch Top {@ Outrageous Event}::
:: Bottoms - Shakira Burlesque Black Leggings - 1 ::
:: Shoes - MiA Flat Sneakers - Lewis ::

My Thoughts:
First off... let's talk about this sexy tattoo brought to you by BLASPHEMIC. This is a cross that looks like it has been roughly painted onto the skin and sits directly above the belly button ad under the boobage area! This really helps to set off this look and comes in the form of an omega applier. This is a WomenStuff hunt item and can be found at the main store ♥
The next item is brought to you by OOPS! and is this super cute 'sexy bitch' top.. and truthfully it does make you look sexy! I decided to use this whilst exercising because it just looked good, but it can be used for the occasion of your choice, especially in this soon to be summer weather! This comes with a user-friendly HUD which allows you to change the color and comes to fit Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic and Ebody! This is at the Outrageous event right now ♥

:: 1st - 30th April 2017 ::
                                        :: 6th - 30th April 2017 ::                                         

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Look No. 71 // Piece Of Me

:: Body - Maitreya Lara FULL ::
:: Head - CATWA Destiny ::
:: Eyes - IKON Triumph - Industrial ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Sugar - Light Blondes ::
:: Tummy Tattoo - BLASPHEMIC Mockingbird Tattoo ::
:: Back Tattoo - e&e HP The Ones Who Love Us ::
:: Makeup - Shakeup! Kate Eyeshadows ::
:: Tummy Piercing - ~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring ::
:: Back Piercing - G.G Addicted Back Cross Piercing - PB901 ::
:: Arms - *MUKA* Arm Straps ::
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC Catya Bodysuit ::
:: Boots - REIGN, Estee Heels ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Illusion Background - 3 ::

My Thoughts:
I have two main store releases to show you today, brought to you by my sponsor BLASPHEMIC!
The first is this amazing outfit that is super sexy and made to fit your curves perfectly. As you can see, this is a bodysuit made from leather. This is semi-transparent and comes in a range of different colours which are sold separately. These include black, blue, pink, nude, purple, red and white ♥
Secondly is this super cute mockingbird tattoo. This is red and black in colour and sits on the left side of the tummy just above the naval and comes in 3 intensities!
Definitely a naughty set that needs to be in your wardrobe ♥