Friday, 27 November 2020

Look No. 142 // See The Stars

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Ines :: {@ Dubai}
:: Ears - [MANDALA] // Steking Ears Season 5 ::
:: Forehead - .DirtyStories. // Tiny Moon ::
:: Top - Tres Blah // Casual Tee NY ::
:: Bottom - FashionNatic // Maeve Skirt ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // These Days :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // First Kiss Lasts Forever :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Photo Booth - Dreamer ::

My Thoughts:

Happy Friday my loves... and it's not just any normal friday.. it's Black Friday of course! After this I am definitely going to be checking out the sales to snag myself some goodies ♥

Up for you today are two poses created by my sponsor [ west end ] exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event this round, which is ending very soon.... so if you like what you see, run on down to the event and grab yours!

The first pose is called These Days and I absolutely adored this one when I saw it and couldn't wait to show you! This is a very intimate and sensual bento couple pose. It consists of one person with their knees up, resting their head there, and the other person sitting around them, holding them close and tight. 

The second pose by [ west end ] is called First Kiss Lasts Forever and again this is a couple pose with full bento compatibility. This consists of one person, lifting the other into the air as they kiss passionately. This is stuff dreams are made of and this creator nailed it 100%! I paired this with the cosmic dreamer bedroom by FOXCITY to really bring it to life.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, until next time loves xoxo


Friday, 20 November 2020

Look No. 141 // The Swansons

:: Body - Maitreya // Lara ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - Stealthic // Cascade ::
:: Makeup - VELOUR // Samira Eyeshadows ::
:: Nails - Ascendant // Rise and Shine ::
:: Jacket - FashionNatic // Tabby ::
:: Top - BLASPHEMIC // Look Twice Top :: {@ XXX}
:: Bottom - BLASPHEMIC // Emmy Skirt :: {@ BFB3}
:: Shoes - Scandalize // Kiana Boots ::

My Thoughts:

Happy Friday beautiful.. the weeks are going past so fast.. but then again when you are stuck in a lockdown that is a little bit of a godsend. Shout out to all my fellow Brits following the rules ♥

Up for you today are two items by my sponsor BLASPHEMIC. The first item is this cami style top called Look Twice which has been made exclusively for the XXX event. This high quality top comes in a range of naughty but nice designs including boobies, peckers and naughty words! It comes to fit Maitreya and Legacy ♥

Last but no means least by BLASPHEMIC is this cute cotton mini called Emmy Skirt which has been made for the Black Friday Bazaar! This comes in a range of different colors including black, white, pink, blue, maroon and more and fits the following bodies: Belleza Freya & Isis, Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass & Physique Tonic Curvy & Fine and Altamura.

Instead of going to those crazy black Friday sales, being pushed around and screamed at, run on down to the Black Friday Bazaar.. where there is enough awesome items to go around!

Until next time my love ♥

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Look No. 140 // I Got You

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Stealthic // Mayhem ::
:: Lips - TOP1SALON // HD Natural Lipstick :: {@ Level}
:: Nails - Avada // Stiletto Nails - Morrigan ::
:: Forehead - .DirtyStories. // Tiny Moon ::
:: Nose - PUNCH // Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Rings - (Yummy) // Theia Ring Set ::
:: Top - Decoy // Kathleen Cropped Sweater :: {@ Collabor88}
:: Bottom - Bumblebee // Sylvia Leggings ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // More Than Friends Bento Pose :: {@ Uber}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Eternal Couple Bento Pose :: {@ Uber}

My Thoughts:

Hey good looking, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Thank you for coming back to see what goodies I have to show you today ♥

Coming up are two bento poses created by my lovely sponsor [ west end ] and have been made exclusively for the Uber event this round. The first pose is called More Than Friends and it's a piggyback, with a cheeky gesture of placing the hands over the others eyes. I love this because it's so playful and made for just about everyone!

The second pose is called Eternal and this is a floor pose where one is leaning over the others back, hugging into them and enjoying the moment. It's sensual and peaceful, definitely one of my favorites to date by [ west end ]. I think both poses are amazingly high quality and really shows the closeness that we all dream about.

If you agree and love them as much as I do, then please hop on over to Uber to pick these up, as well as other amazing goodies and poses!

Until next time beautiful xoxo


Friday, 13 November 2020

Look No. 139 // Garden Day

:: Body - Belleza // Freya ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Carla ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX // Chest Aly ::
:: Lips - TOP1SALON // HD Natural Lipstick :: {@ Level}
:: Neck - Kibitz // Bitch Gold Necklace ::
:: Outfit - MI.CO // Franny :: {@ Swank}
:: Backdrop 1 - LOVE // Eternal Folly v2 ::
:: Backdrop 2 - LOVE // A Little Garden ::

My Thoughts:

Hi sweetheart, welcome back! It's that time again where we can smile and dance right into the weekend. I hope you have some exciting plans.. even if you are in lockdown in the real world like me ♥

Coming up for you today is an outfit made by my sponsor MI.CO exclusively for the Swank event this round. This dress and jacket set is called Franny and comes with a pair of matching boots. Each item can be customized with their own HUD and comes in a range of camo as well as plain colors including greens, yellows, whites and greys. The dress is shabby chic and definitely a spring/fall fave! It's been made for the following bodies: Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Tonic Curvy & Fine, Voluptuous and Ocacin. 

I have paired this look with the wonderful backdrop in our garden from the LOVE company. The builds are so unique and of high quality and something I would definitely recommend for all the garden designers out there ♥ I've 100% spent a small fortune this week at this store.

Until next time my love xoxo


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Look No. 138 // Beautiful Things

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Stealthic // Mayhem ::
:: Tattoo 1 - BLASPHEMIC // Sariel Face Tattoo Set :: {@ The Darkness}
:: Tattoo 2 - BLASPHEMIC // King & Queen Tattoo :: {@ Audacity}
:: Lips - TOP1SALON // HD Natural Lipstick :: {@ Level}
:: Neck - RealEvil Industries // Charming Collar ::
:: Piercing - Mellow // Erin Lip Ring ::
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC // Negana Dress :: {@ Darkness Chamber Fair}
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Photo Booth - Beautiful Things ::
:: Pose 1 - FOXCITY. // Poise Bento Pose Set ::
:: Pose 2 - FOXCITY. // Couture Bento Pose Set ::

My Thoughts:

Happy weekend my lovely.. and not just the event.. which reminds me, I really need to get my butt in gear and actually snap up some bargains this time ♥ I hope you will join me!

Coming at you first today are three entries made by my sponsor BLASPHEMIC and it's my honor to get right on with it! 

The first is a face tattoo made exclusively for The Darkness monthly event and it's called Sariel. It's tribal, edgy and consists of a painted line across the nose and face, dots underneath the eyes, a forehead bhindi and two dots underneath the lips. It comes in black and white as well as individual tattoos so you can even wear it partially! This comes in BOM only so all you need is a compatible body! ♥

Next is a neck tattoo made for the Audacity event and it's called King & Queen. Naturally I chose to wear the queen version, but both tattoos consist of a crown at the top, followed by a corresponding 'Q' or 'K' underneath. Super cute little tattoo that adds just that little bit extra to your look. I don't know about you but I love the little singular tattoos ♥

Lastly, we have this stunning, creepy dress from BLASPHEMIC made for The Darkness Chamber event! This is called Negana and is a tank-style short dress with zombie hands coming up from the ground. This comes in a range of different colors including grey, white, blue, nude, purple and more! This also comes to fit the following bodies: TMP Classic & Legacy, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Maitreya Lara and Altamura. 

Please hop on down to these wonderful events to pick up your goodies, not only from my lovely BLASPHEMIC, but other amazing creators too!

Until next time my dear ♥


Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Look No. 137 // My Red Room

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Stealthic // Mayhem ::
:: Nose - (Yummy) // Diamond Flower Nose Ring ::
:: Wrists - Limited Addiction // Adore Bracelets Set ::
:: Fingers - (Yummy) // Theia Set ::
:: Outfit - Little Diamond // Locura Bodysuit :: {@ Kinky}
:: Shoes - -KC- // Nedis Pumps ::
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Photo Booth - Playroom ::
:: Pose 1 - FOXCITY. // Indecent Bento Pose Set ::
:: Pose 2 - FOXCITY. // Playroom Bento Pose Set ::

My Thoughts:

Hello Beautiful ♥ Welcome back to my blog! I hope that you had a fantastic Halloween period and did lots of amazing, spookilicious things!

First, I would like to say a huge thank you to my newest sponsor Little Diamond for accepting my application. This creator makes some really amazing, high quality fashion items for a range of different events as well as for their own store, including Kinky, Happy Weekend and Cosmopolitan. I cannot wait to showcase them for you!

Today I want to talk about this outfit created by Little Diamond exclusively for the Kinky event this round! It's a leather, tight hugging bodysuit that leaves the sides of your waist bare and has carefully made slits in the chest, hips and knees. I have been looking for the perfect bodysuit for such a long time. I have to tell ya... this is absolutely it ♥ 

This bodysuit is made to fit the following bodies: Legacy, Belleza Freya and Maitreya + Petite. It also comes in a range of colors including black, halographic, gold, silver, white, pink, blue, purple, red and many more! Definitely one for your collection, so please run down to Kinky and grab yours ♥

Until next time my loves!