Monday, 29 June 2020

Look No. 109 // On The Darth Side

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Little Bones Helena - The Blondie ::
:: Makeup - WarPaint* Essential Blush - Timeless Pink :: {@ Uber}
:: Tattoo 1 - TAOX Chest Aly VG ::
:: Tattoo 2 - TAOX Chest Free VG ::
:: Nails - Avada Ballerina Nails - Chasma ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Bitch Jewelery Set ::
:: Belly - PUNCH Diamond Belly Piercing ::
:: Top - BLASPHEMIC Darth Guitar :: {@ Unknown Hunt}
:: Bottom - SPIRIT Osoka Shorts ::
:: Pose 1 - FOXCITY. Spirited Away - 001 ::
:: Pose 1 - FOXCITY. Spirited Away - 004 ::
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. Illuminated - Blue ::

My Thoughts:
Starting off the wonderful week with a classic Star Wars theme.. I must say I consider myself a Jedi Knight but I don't mind a little darkness in my life!

My amazing sponsor BLASPHEMIC has created an exclusive hunt item, especially for The Unknown Hunt 2020! It's this cute tank top and pictured upon it is the man himself, Lord Vader holding a guitar. I can totally see him doing that on his days off and in true Darth Vader fashion it only comes in black!

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, show off your dark side by attending this amazing hunt, picking up this goodie and others from alternative creators! Hints and pictures of all items are available by clicking on the picture below.. but don't tell anyone I told you!

Until next time, enjoy ♥

                                                                      :: 1st July - 20th July 2020 ::

Friday, 26 June 2020

Look No. 108 // Always Be This Close

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair 1 - Tableau Vivant Editorial Hair - Ponytail Up ::
:: Hair 2 - Magika Sage ::
:: Tats - TAOX Melodrama Arm ::
:: Neck - #EMPIRE Choker - Moon ::
:: Top - VINYL Salt Cami - Black ::
:: Bottom - Blueberry Anna Skirt - Mattecute Black ::
:: Footwear - Blueberry Bree Laced Up Boots - Black ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] Exuberant Bento Couples Pose :: {@ Dubai}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] I Need You Now Bento Couples Pose :: {@ Uber}
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. Cozy Bedroom ::

My Thoughts:
I think most humans crave that special touch from their partner, to feel safe.. warm.. loved.. and pictures can keep those special memories fresh in your cranium ♥ These poses today.. do just that.

Coming at you, is the amazing poses by my sponsor [ west end ] knocking it right out of the ball park yet again with sensual, soft.. but steamy moments to capture! The first pose can be found at the Dubai event and it's that upside down kiss that only comes in movies.. spider-man *cough*. One for your collection my loves, run on down to this amazing event for more awesome poses and content!

The second pose can be found at the Uber monthly event this round, and boy it's a good one! Just holding each other close.. enjoying that much needed time we have all been missing out on lately! Both sets of poses are fully kitted for Bento just to add to the amazing effect. Y'all know how much I love Uber, so hop on over and pick up this gem, and other goodies ♥

Until next time my loves!

  :: 20th June 2020 onwards ::                       :: June 25th - July 22nd 2020 ::

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Look No. 107 // Fragile

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - DOUX Eden ::
:: Eyeshadow - Colivati Marilyn Eyeshadow ::
:: Nails - Avada Ballerina Nails - Chasma ::
:: Marks - BLASPHEMIC Cuffed Tattoos :: {@ XXX}
:: Outfit - Blueberry BerryDoll - Black ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] Underneath Bento Poses - 003 :: {@ Dubai}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] Underneath Bento Poses - 004 :: {@ Dubai}
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Sex Dungeon ::
:: Prop - :KM: Handcuffs ::

My Thoughts:
Happy Humpday loves, I hope you are having fun and finding things to occupy your time now that lock down is mostly lifting around the globe! ♥

Coming at you first are the cuffed tattoos by my lovely sponsor BLASPHEMIC. These tattoos are cuts and bruises for the wrist/ankles and have been made especially for the XXX event.. I know y'all sexy souls out there will love them! Perfect for role play situations as they are SO realistic...well done BLASPHEMIC for another smash hit! They come with BOM, Legacy and Omega appliers. 
Run on down to the XXX event and see what pushes your buttons ♥

Up next are the fragile, sensual poses from my sponsor [ west end ] that can be found at the Dubai event this month! This pose pack comes with static AND breathing animations included... that's right ladies, you can slip them right on into your AOs! With 3 different breathing speeds to choose from I don't think you will be disappointed. With all of her poses you know you are getting amazing quality.. and they are made for bento.. what's not to love! 
Drop by to Dubai to grab yours!

Until next time my loves ♥

                                                                            :: 13th June - 3rd July 2020 ::

                                                                               :: 20th June 2020 onwards ::

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Look No. 106 // Like A Bomb

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - DOUX Aysha ::
:: Tattoo 1 - TAOX Sleeve Malicious ::
:: Tattoo 2 - TAOX Leg Melodrama ::
:: Eyeshadow - {Tilly} Smokey Eyeshadow & Liner ::
:: Lipstick - VELOUR Rachel Lipstick - Pack 2 ::
:: Nails - Avada Ballerina Nails - Chasma ::
:: Rings - [MANDALA] Sinra Rings ::
:: Necklace - BUENO Tempted ::
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC Frida Dress :: {@ TWE12VE}
:: Pose 1 - FOXCITY Portrait Bento Pose Set - 1m ::
:: Pose 2 - FOXCITY Portrait Bento Pose Set - 5 ::
:: Boots - REIGN. Indio Thigh High Boots ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL September Group Gift ::

My Thoughts:
Happy Thursday my loves! ♥
I think you get two types of women in this world, those who are fragile like flowers and those who are fragile like bombs... I am definitely the later so this dress suits me down to the ground! ♥

Up today is this amazing creation by BLASPHEMIC exclusively for the TWE12VE event this month. It is a high shine leather and the cut is short with a high slit in the side. This sexy number just about covers everything it needs to whilst leaving just the right amount to the imagination! It comes in a range of different colours including black, white, red, purple and blue! Make sure you swing on by to this event to pick up yours ♥

I have paired this with the boots from REIGN, body tattoos from TAOX and make up from {Tilly} and VELOUR.. I think you will agree the fragile bomb theory is much more my jam! 

Until next time my loves ♥

                                                                            :: 12th June - 30th June 2020 ::

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Look No. 105 // Take Me On

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Destiny - Brunette ::
:: Earrings - Maxi Gossamer Nova Dream Earrings ::
:: Rings - [MANDALA] Sinra Rings Season 2 ::
:: Undies - *Mon Cheri* Seduce Me Lingerie - White ::
:: Pose - [ west end ] Sweet Couples Pose ::
:: Furniture - [Ruckus] Do The Things V2 ::
:: Backdrop - Onsu Eggplant Expandable Skybox ::

My Thoughts:
Happy Sunday my lovelies! I hope you have all had a superb weekend so far, doing something fun and exciting! So happy that things are finally opening up again here in the UK ♥

Coming up today is an exclusive bento couples pose from my lovely sponsor [ west end ] which is a main store release! The pose really speaks for itself, but the lady has her legs wrapped around her counterpart, a hand on his face and they are both looking deeply into each others eyes. The pose is so intense and intimate, definitely one that needs to be in the collection of any pose lovers or photographers in SL!

I paired this with the lace 'Seduce Me' white lingerie from *Mon Cheri* and the bento bed from [Ruckus] to really set this beautiful scene, so sexy and sensual! Be sure to pick up yours and creative some magical pictures ♥

Until next time my loves!

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Look No. 104 // My New Rocks

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Stealthic Fatal - Browns ::
:: Tat Back - BLASPHEMIC Pain & Pleasure :: {@ The Darkness Event}
:: Tat R Leg - TAOX Leg Melodrama Bird ::
:: Tat L Leg - TAOX Leg Garter Bang Bang ::
:: Nails - NAILPLUG X O U T R E Maleficent Bento Nails ::
:: Rings - (Yummy) Chained Ring Set :: {@ Uber}
:: Top - Hopes Creations Ginnie Crop Top ::
:: Bottom - BLASPHEMIC Knitted Mini "Nina" - Black ::
:: Socks - BLASPHEMIC Overknees - Black ::
:: Boots - FEMALE POISON Nika Black Boots ::
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Check in Loft ::

My Thoughts:
Coming up for your eyeballs today are two amazing things from my sponsor BLASPHEMIC.

The first is a pair of over the knee socks and honestly to find a decent pair is near on impossible! I always find myself needing some to set off a look I'm going for, so I'm super glad that she has made these! They come in a range of different colors including black, red, white, purple, blue, pink and more! They each come with Omega and Legacy HUDS and even BOM! Pick these up in the main store ♥

The second is an entry for The Darkness Monthly event and is this superb back tattoo! I say this every time, but I love the tattoos that BLASPHEMIC produce. They are always for the back, sometimes going down the spine and I just adore. I am very much a tattoo kinda girl, so this is right up my alley! The wording is 'Pain past is pleasure' with a wave. This also comes with Omega and legacy HUDS as well as BOM. Run on down to this amazing event to pick this up, see what other creators have to offer!

Until next time my loves ♥

                                                                                                                     :: 5th June - 28th June 2020 ::

Monday, 8 June 2020

Look No. 103 // High Hopes

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - TRUTH Destiny - Brunette ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Chest Aly BOM ::
:: Nails - NAILPLUG X O U T R E Coven Set ::
:: Nose - [MODA] Triplicity Septum Ring::
:: Necklace - BUENO Committed Necklace ::
:: Earrings - Luova Star Earrings :: {Group Gift}
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC Carlotta Dress - Black ::
:: Nips - Zombie Suicide Pasties - Black ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] Stillness Bento Poses - 001 :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] Stillness Bento Poses - 006 :: {@ Cosmopolitan}

My Thoughts:
As things are starting to open up in the real world I have real high hopes that it won't take too long, so I can finally see my partner and my family! It's been a time for long walks, tackling the highest of hills and making sure to stay in shape.. at least for me.. even though I am more partial to a McDonalds now! ♥

Up today is a new main store release from my sponsor BLASPHEMIC which is this Carlotta dress. As you can see, this is a shiny leathery latex, parts are see through and there are studded ribs to hug your figure perfectly! If you add some pasties from Zombie Suicide and a thong then you can wear it anywhere ♥ It is so complimentary and cute! This comes in a range of colours including black, white, blue, green, nude, red, plum, hot pink and more. It comes to fit Belleza Venus, Freya & Isis, Maitreya, SLink Hourglass & Physique and TMP Classic.

Lastly are the Stillness bento pose set from my sponsor [ west end ]. This set was made exclusively for the Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly event. These poses are natural pose types and come with breathing animations with different speeds. This means you can actually put them into your AOs, or simply use the static pose pack for superb photos! Perfect addition to your collection, swing on by to Cosmopolitan today!

There is a competition coming up very soon where you will have the chance to win a gift card worth 1,000! Join our Facebook page for more information posted in the next couple of days ♥


:: 31st May - 14th June 2020 ::

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Look No. 102 // Mermaid Tails

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Tableau Vivant Vento Hair - Colors ::
:: Eyes - BLASPHEMIC Sapphire Sea Eyes :: {@ Under The Sea}
:: Makeup - BLOOM Beauty Marks BOM ::
:: Tattoo - ::ANTAYA:: Mermaid Scales BOM ::
:: Outfit - Sweet Thing Siren Scales - Pastel ::
:: Pose - Nanika Summer Heat Bento Pose :: {Gift}
:: Effects - {a.n.c} Ocean Dust ::

My Thoughts:
Happy weekend to everybody! ♥

I had real fun today creating this post, I am obsessed with all things sea and love the idea of mermaids being out there in the depths somewhere, even if it's not on this planet! My sponsor BLASPHEMIC has gotten involved in the Under The Sea event for another month and the entry impresses me ♥

BLASPHEMIC has created some amazing eyes for their exclusive item, that are total fantasy driven! They are bright and colorful and striking to say the least. They all look like the seas around the world from Britain to Vietnam with it's lovely greeny blues which is what I decided to go with today! There is an Omega HUD included so any body with this enabled can have them.

As an exclusive the designers can choose whether they are discounted by 50% or 25% during the event... and the owner of BLASPHEMIC being as amazing as she is, is offering them at 50% off! Please swing on by to the Under The Sea event and grab yours by 16th June 2020!

Until next time my loves ♥

                                                                               :: 6th June - 16th June 2020 ::

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Look No. 101 // Whisper To Me

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Stealthic Passion - Browns ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Bitch Necklace ::
:: Outfit - CowGirl Up! Whisper Lingerie ::
:: Pose - Pandiberry Lying on the Bed ::
:: Furniture - +Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed - Vintage White ::

My Thoughts:
Happy hump day my lovelies! I hope you are still managing to stay safe in the world, even with everything going on right now ♥

I need to tell you about a new release made by my wicked sponsor CowGirl Up! It's this BEAUTIFUL lingerie I have on that's just gone up in the main store! I completely believe that this is something you need in your collection to look extra sexy and sassy ♥ I have taken the liberty of including the fatpack textures, just so that you can see exactly what styles there are available!

This lingerie is a satin material bodysuit and comes either full material, partial lace or full lace! I decided to wear the lovely and vibrant red poppies with red lace combo.. stunning! This bodysuit has been made for Belleza, Signature, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass, Tonic Curvy and Tonic Slim. Make sure you run on down to the main store to pick up yours ♥

Until next time my loves, #BlackLivesMatter #StandingWithYou