Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Look No. 164 // Restless

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - Magika // Sage ::
:: Eyes - Avi-Glam // Royalty Eyes - Reef ::
:: Lips - VELOUR // Glossy & Matte HD Lips Pack 02 ::
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Chasma ::
:: Tattoo - WBN // Restless Face Tattoo ::
:: Forehead - PUNCH // Trine ::
:: Nose - PUNCH // Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Top - Little Diamond // Freedom Top :: {@ Kinky}
:: Bottom - [FAM] // Black Undies ::
:: Pose 1 - . MILA . // Single Pose 58 ::
:: Pose 2 - . MILA . // Gift 1 ::
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Creatures Photo Booth ::

My Thoughts:

Hi my beautifuls, welcome back to my blog! I hope you've had a wonderful week so far.. Easter is just around the corner and I can't wait to celebrate with some much needed chocolate and alcohol

Coming up for you today is a sexy item created by my sponsor Little Diamond exclusively for the Kinky event this round. It's called the Freedom Top... which is extremely fitting as I don't think your girls can get much freer than covered in a cropped fishnet top! This item is made from high quality net and has thin seams on the shoulders, cuffs and bottom. It's definitely my new favorite item to seduce my husband  

It comes in a range of different colors including black, pink, white, red, lilac, rainbow (with black or white sleeves) and more! Each color looks as drop dead gorgeous as the next It comes to fit the following bodies: Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite and Belleza Freya. Run on down to Kinky to grab yours, you will not regret it!

Until next time loves xoxo

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Look No. 163 // Gratitude

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Eyes - Avi-Glam // Royalty Eyes - Reef ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Silent :: {@ Equal10}
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Chasma ::
:: Lips - VELOUR // Glossy & Matte HD Lips - Pack 02 ::
:: Tattoos - Slayer Gurl // Lover Face Tattoo :
:: Lip Piercing - *PKC* // Wicca Bento Lip Ring ::
:: Arms - Limited Addiction // Elsa Arm Bands ::
:: Outfit - Limited Addiction // Avery Set :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Boots - Scandalize // Kiana Boots ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Single Pose Set 001 :: {@ Dubai}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Single Pose Set 002 :: {@ Dubai}
:: Prop - MINIMAL // September Group Gift 2019 ::

My Thoughts:

Hi my beautifuls, thank you for gracing me with your presence for another weekly post! I have hit my first 1,000 flickr followers this week, so I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have followed, commented and liked my pictures ♥ It means the absolute world to me! Now... how about we grab a drink and let's get started on today's discussion!

First up, we have this amazing outfit by my sponsor Limited Addiction exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event ♥ This set is called Avery and consists of a tank style dress with arms warmers. The warmers have an adidas style stripe down the side and the dress comes either plain or with a written add-on! The add-on that I decided to go for was 'normal people scare me' but there are others including BabyGirl, Bitch, Coffee, Kawaii, Nap Queen, and Fuck off. The set comes in a range of different individual colors or you can grab the fat pack which comes with a user friendly HUD to customize every part ♥ It comes to fit the following bods: Maitreya, Legacy and Kupra.

Secondly, we have these ultra cool bento poses created by my sponsor [ west end ] for the Dubai event! This is called the Single Pose Set and these are just two of five poses included. The first one is her, just laying her hands on her hips with one leg over the other, chilling mischievously! The second is a basic peace pose done extremely well. [ west end ] never disappoints and are my absolute favorite creator for single poses ♥ I hope they continue to bring out more, because their couple poses are second to none!

Until next time my loves ♥

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Look No. 162 // Unleashed

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Indigo :: {@ Tres Chic}
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Gamilla ::
:: Tummy - Cynful // Mina Piercing ::
:: Outfit - TETRA // Luna Lace Lingerie ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Unleashed 001 :: {@ Uber}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Unleashed 004 :: {@ Uber}
:: Prop - KAZZA // Studio Lounge Bed ::

My Thoughts:

Happy weekend my love, I hope you're having an amazing time so far! I was having the conversation the other day, that weeks are just moving by so fast.. feels like yesterday that it was Valentine's Day! I have a couple of poses to show you, so grab a snack and let's get into it ♥

These poses were created by my lovely sponsor [ west end ] exclusively for the Uber event, happening right now! Both are just some of the bento poses featured in the set called Unleashed and they certainly are uniquely beautiful! They remind me of crawling outside of your own skin and expressing yourself in your own way ♥ I think we all need some of this these days... an outlet to express how we feel.

The first pose is called 001 and it's a "crab" like position. Do you remember doing these when you were kids in the playground or on the field? I know I do, all my friends gathering around trying to outdo each other ♥ The second pose is called 002 and this is dramatically laying down, allowing your energy to flow through! I decided to do this on a bed, but it can be used on the floor too! Each pose in the set are absolutely perfect for modelling or just personal portfolios and 
they all come with a flat or high feet version for extra customization.

You only have a couple more days to pick these up, so run on down to Uber ♥

Until next time my loves xoxo

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Look No. 161 // Keep Me

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Eyes - Avi-Glam // Royalty Eyes ::
:: Hair - TRUTH // Soiree ::
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Gamilla ::
:: Forehead - PUNCH // Trine ::
:: Tummy - Cynful // Mina Piercing ::
:: Arms - Limited Addiction // Elsa Bands ::
:: Outfit - Limited Addiction // Lola Set :: {@ Black Fair}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Bye Bye Baby :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Affair :: {@ Cosmopolitan}

My Thoughts:

Hi beautiful, welcome back to my blog for another mid-week post! I apologize that the posts have been sparse, but very much enjoying married life with my beau ♥ I will definitely be concentrating more closely as you mean the world to me! I have a couple of things to show you today that will bring a smile to your pretty face. 

The first item is this outfit created by Limited Addiction exclusively for the Black Fair this round ♥ It's called the Lola Set and consists of a bra, jacket around the shoulders, arm warmers, mid-straps and a thong. I didn't wear the arm warmers for this picture but they are full warmers that buckle up at the top of the arm. This set is a whole bunch of wrappings, which is exactly what you need to look curvy, sexy and sassy. The bra and jacket has gems and spikes included to give it extra edge and they come to fit Legacy and Maitreya.

Up next are two amazing bento poses created by [ west end ] exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event this round. The first is called Bye Bye Baby which consists of two people in a walking position, he puts his arm around her shoulders, as she looks away and waves goodbye. It's a powerful pose and looks stunning for your album collections! The last pose is called Affair and consists of two people facing each other as she lays her hands around the back of his neck. Both poses fully bento compatible and can be used for friends or lovers ♥ Another knockout set of poses by [ west end ] I think the poses speak for themselves!

Until next time loves xoxo


Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Look No. 160 // Neon Hearts

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Eyes - Avi-Glam // Siren Eyes 18 ::
:: Hair - Stealthic // Clarity ::
:: Eyeshadow - Dotty's Secret // Drama Queen ::
:: Lips - VELOUR // Glossy & Matte HD Lips 05 ::
:: Markings - [ west end ] // Emma BOM Face Moles ::
:: Forehead - PUNCH // Trine ::
:: Headband - {Inner Demons} // Neon Heart ::
:: Necklace - Zombie Suicide // Love Me ::
:: Outfit - Limited Addiction // Kami Set :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Hot & Cold Photo Booth ::
:: Pose Set - FOXCITY. // Influencer :: 

My Thoughts:

Hi beautiful, welcome back to another post! I hope you have all had as much of an amazing week as I have! Getting married to the love of my life was by far the best experience I've ever had.. but I am ready to jump back into some amazing items, so grab a snack and let's get to it

Up for you today is this adorable, sexy outfit created by my sponsor Limited Addiction exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event this round! This outfit is called the Kami Set and consists of a skater skirt, a cropped top with attached sleeve and a separate sleeve tied by some string. As you can see there is a pixel heart on the top which I love to pieces and it comes in a range of different colors You can purchase separately or in a fatpack, which allows you to customize the colors of every aspect but the heart. This comes to fit the following bods: Legacy, Kupra & Maitreya.

Up next is a set of beauty marks created by [ west end ] which is a new main store release! It's called Emma Face Moles and is exactly what it says on the tin! They are very aesthetically pleasing and help to make you look very healthy and real They come in a BOM layer only, so as long as your body can handle that, it's available to you! These are definitely my new favorite set of beauty marks and will be wearing them more often!

I put all of these amazing items with the beautiful backdrop by FOXCITY, the necklace from Zombie Suicide and the headband from Inner Demons just to pull the whole look together

Until next time my loves xoxo

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Our Wedding Day

:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:
Mr & Mrs Larsson
:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:

On the 5th March 2021, Dave and I married the love of our lives.... each other The day was absolutely perfect, beautiful and we really couldn't have wanted anything more. Our theme was pink and white and our flowers were white lilies and pink roses.. the flowers our mothers most enjoyed. We wanted to share our special day with you beautiful people.. the ones who have followed me through so much!

:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:

Our pictures were done by Cereza Chan and I think you will agree are just stunning, they captured the day perfectly in just the right way We want to say a huge thank you to our bridesmaid Paisley, our maid of honor Jazzy and our best woman Glo for being such a pinnacle part of our day and helping to make it so magical.

:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:

Thank you to our special friend and reception DJ Mikey T for the amazing music and entertainment, and giving us the after party of our dreams. We want to say thank you to the two amazing photographers and videographers Cereza and Ron for capturing our day and giving us the tools to have everlasting memories

:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:

Lastly, thank you to our beautiful friends, the special people who came to witness our marriage, those who have been with us from day one and have been our biggest supporters. We love you with our whole hearts and are so thankful to have you!

Wedding Vows:

When we first met, we clicked instantly and I could just feel that you were an amazing human. We quickly became the best of friends because we have so much in common from where we live, to our mums, our health, our views, our pasts, the music we listen to, the food we love to eat and the way we think. We were and still are always finishing each others sentences.. or saying what the other is thinking in that moment.

I have never met someone who was truly the other half of me, my soulmate.. the ying to my yang, until you stepped into my life, my heart. You lift me higher than I ever thought I could go and it's because of you that I dare to dream the un-dreamable. You make me see the beauty in myself through your own eyes and it makes me feel so alive being able to see my whole future with you.

I promise to love you infinitely without condition, to honor you each and every day, to laugh with you when your happy and support you when you're sad, to guide you when you ask for direction and to challenge you to reach new heights. I will be your biggest fan and your ever present listening audience, by your side, every day and always in both worlds.

My beautiful Chloe! In the time that we have spent together, from the day I messaged you we have been inseparable. What started as a very beautiful and caring friendship turned to me loving you more than I could ever put into words. You have made me happier than I have felt in a long time.

I truly believe we met for a reason and were meant to be together. We share so very much in common. We have laughed and cried together. You have been amazing to me and taught me to be stronger and more confident. Always showing me its ok to share my feelings both happy and sad.

Chloe my love, I vow to be yours and yours only. To support you in anything that brings you happiness. To be there for you in times of sadness. I will give you my ear when you need to talk or vent. My voice when you need to feel calm or need advice. And my eyes when you cant see where the future lies. I will always be there for you and love you no matter what. I love you Chloe with all my heart.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Look No 159 // Intoxicating

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Venezia ::
:: Makeup 1 - Glam Affair // Emilia Eyeliner & Skin ::
:: Makeup 2 - Izzie's // Under Eye Blush & Eyebags ::
:: Nose - PUNCH // Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Outfit - Little Diamond // Tiktok Baby :: {@ Tres Chic}
:: Backdrop - FOXCITY. // Dreaming Room Photo Booth ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Being Us Bento Pose :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // High On You :: {@ Dubai}

My Thoughts:

Hi my lovely, thank you for gracing me with your presence for another post! I have been super busy planning my wedding but it's finally done.. and I only have two days to wait until I can marry the love of my life in both worlds ♥

First up today is some sexy lingerie created by my sponsor Little Diamond exclusively for the Tres Chic event! The set is called Tiktok Baby and consists of an off the shoulder silk top with a matching pair of silk shorts. Each piece has a beautiful lace trim and looks so soft and light on the body. If you're looking for something sultry that shows off your body perfectly, this is totally it ♥ It comes to fit the following bodies: Legacy, Belleza Freya and Maitreya. If red isn't your color, you can pick from a wide range, all as beautiful as this one!

Last but not least, we have some beautiful bento poses created by my sponsor [ west end ]. The first pose is called Being Us and can be found at the Cosmopolitan event for the next few days ♥ She leans against him and raises her hand to stroke his cheek as he puts an arm around her.. stroking her chin. Super cute and close.. perfect for all you couples out there!

The second pose by [ west end ] is called High On You and can be found at the Dubai event ♥ Again, she is leaning back against him, extending her neck to look at him lovingly as she rests her head on his shoulder. He is clearly enjoying the attention and why shouldn't he! If you like what you see, please run to these two events and snag yours today!

Until next time my loves xoxo