Saturday, 20 March 2021

Look No. 162 // Unleashed

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - DOUX // Indigo :: {@ Tres Chic}
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Gamilla ::
:: Tummy - Cynful // Mina Piercing ::
:: Outfit - TETRA // Luna Lace Lingerie ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Unleashed 001 :: {@ Uber}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Unleashed 004 :: {@ Uber}
:: Prop - KAZZA // Studio Lounge Bed ::

My Thoughts:

Happy weekend my love, I hope you're having an amazing time so far! I was having the conversation the other day, that weeks are just moving by so fast.. feels like yesterday that it was Valentine's Day! I have a couple of poses to show you, so grab a snack and let's get into it ♥

These poses were created by my lovely sponsor [ west end ] exclusively for the Uber event, happening right now! Both are just some of the bento poses featured in the set called Unleashed and they certainly are uniquely beautiful! They remind me of crawling outside of your own skin and expressing yourself in your own way ♥ I think we all need some of this these days... an outlet to express how we feel.

The first pose is called 001 and it's a "crab" like position. Do you remember doing these when you were kids in the playground or on the field? I know I do, all my friends gathering around trying to outdo each other ♥ The second pose is called 002 and this is dramatically laying down, allowing your energy to flow through! I decided to do this on a bed, but it can be used on the floor too! Each pose in the set are absolutely perfect for modelling or just personal portfolios and 
they all come with a flat or high feet version for extra customization.

You only have a couple more days to pick these up, so run on down to Uber ♥

Until next time my loves xoxo

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