Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Look No. 161 // Keep Me

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Eyes - Avi-Glam // Royalty Eyes ::
:: Hair - TRUTH // Soiree ::
:: Nails - Avada // Ballerina Gamilla ::
:: Forehead - PUNCH // Trine ::
:: Tummy - Cynful // Mina Piercing ::
:: Arms - Limited Addiction // Elsa Bands ::
:: Outfit - Limited Addiction // Lola Set :: {@ Black Fair}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Bye Bye Baby :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Affair :: {@ Cosmopolitan}

My Thoughts:

Hi beautiful, welcome back to my blog for another mid-week post! I apologize that the posts have been sparse, but very much enjoying married life with my beau ♥ I will definitely be concentrating more closely as you mean the world to me! I have a couple of things to show you today that will bring a smile to your pretty face. 

The first item is this outfit created by Limited Addiction exclusively for the Black Fair this round ♥ It's called the Lola Set and consists of a bra, jacket around the shoulders, arm warmers, mid-straps and a thong. I didn't wear the arm warmers for this picture but they are full warmers that buckle up at the top of the arm. This set is a whole bunch of wrappings, which is exactly what you need to look curvy, sexy and sassy. The bra and jacket has gems and spikes included to give it extra edge and they come to fit Legacy and Maitreya.

Up next are two amazing bento poses created by [ west end ] exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event this round. The first is called Bye Bye Baby which consists of two people in a walking position, he puts his arm around her shoulders, as she looks away and waves goodbye. It's a powerful pose and looks stunning for your album collections! The last pose is called Affair and consists of two people facing each other as she lays her hands around the back of his neck. Both poses fully bento compatible and can be used for friends or lovers ♥ Another knockout set of poses by [ west end ] I think the poses speak for themselves!

Until next time loves xoxo


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