Sunday, 31 May 2020

Look No. 100 // Beach Celebrations

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Magika Prudence ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Bitch Necklace ::
:: Rings - (Yummy) Chained Ring Set :: {@ Uber}
:: Tummy - PUNCH Navel Piercing :: {@ FaMESHed}
:: Top - VINYL Salt Cami Pak - Green Crock :: {@ Uber}
:: Bottoms - SPIRIT Osoka Shorts :: {@ Uber}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] True Friends Bento Pose :: {@ Uber}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] LYAS Friends Bento Pose :: {@ Cosmopolitan}

My Thoughts:
Happy Sunday my loves, I hope you have had a good weekend so far! Today I will be showcasing two amazing poses by my sponsor [ west end ] coming to you in different events this month, as well as a small treat for you all!

The first pose {top} is created for the Uber event this round along with a lot of the items pictured ♥ The dates for this event is 25th May - 22nd June 2020 so you have quite a while yet to pick these up! The pose is made for bento and everything works as expected if not better! Perfect for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters and girlfriends ♥ I think the clothing by SPIRIT and VINYL just added to the effect here!

The second post {bottom} is made for the Cosmopolitan event and again it's made for two people who have bento bodies! They have their arm around each other and an arm around the back. I can't say enough good things about the creator. Sometimes you pick up poses from different designers and it's off in some way but with [ west end ] they are perfect every time ♥

Thank you for joining me and sharing in my passion for creativity. I will be doing a small giveaway soon to celebrate my first 100 posts, so please stay tuned

Until next time my loves!


Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Look No. 99 // Simply Delicious

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento BOM ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - Magika Prudence ::
:: Necklace - Asteria Jinx Necklace - Black ::
:: Nails - RealEvil Industries Witchy Rings & Nails ::
:: Outfit - BLASPHEMIC Psycho Dress :: {WOMANSTUFF Hunt Gift}
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] Naturelle Bento Pose Set - 005 :: {@Uber}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] Naturelle Bento Pose Set - 007 Bonus ::
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Live Sex ::

My Thoughts:
Hunts are going on all around the SL globe this week, ready for you to pick up some amazing goodies, but one that I'm particularly interested in is Womanstuff, as part of The All 'Stuff Hunt. This starts on June 1st 2020 ♥

My beloved sponsor BLASPHEMIC has created this outfit as an exclusive hunt item and it's cute as hell! It's a dress that is lined with a red shiny leathery latex and has a translucent net type body. The wording on the front is 'Psycho Bunny' and comes to fit a range of different bodies including Belleza Freya, Venus & Isis, SLink Hourglass & Physique, TMP Legacy and Maitreya. Swing on by to the mainstore to hunt for this beaut ♥

The poses for these shots are bought to you by my sponsor [ west end ] and have been made exclusively for the Uber monthly event! I absolutely die using these because they are always so well made, perfectly fitting the bento bodies they are made for and very flattering! These have been made with breathing animations, to slide right on into your AOs for perfect customization, so be sure to pick up the 7 pose set at Uber this month ♥

Until next time my loves!

                                                                                  :: 1st June - 31st June 2020 ::

                                                                                  :: 25th May - 22nd June 2020 ::

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Look No. 98 // LA Devotee

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA Nova Head BOM ::
:: Hair - DOUX Aysha ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Aniabis - Copper ::
:: Nails - RealEvil Industries Witchy Rings & Nails ::
:: Outfit - CowGirl Up! Chloe Set ::
:: Pose 1 - HERA Festival Bento Pose - 5 ::
:: Pose 2 - HERA Hearts Bento Pose - 5 ::
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Service Entry ::

My Thoughts:
Hi lovelies, hope you're all having a wonderful tuesday whatever you're getting up to! This week I got surprised by one of my sponsors, and boy was it a good one ♥

CowGirl Up! has created a new release dedicated to moi and I absoloutely fell in love with it! Firstly, I'm a camo girl, I'm all about it and when I tried this on for the first time I knew that I could make some amazing shots because it's high quality and you get a lot for your $$$ ♥ This release is called Chloe, it's a top and zipped short skirt set and even comes with thigh high boots just to complete it!

The set comes in plain {black - white - green - pink} and also textured {camo - denim} with matching boots in each pack. They come to fit Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya & Venus and Slink Hourglass & Physique. Swing on by to the CowGirl Up! mainstore to add this to your wardrobe ♥

Until next time my loves and be sure to follow Elite SL Fashion on Facebook!

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Look No. 97 // Skater Girl

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Eyes - Lempika Real Eyes Mesh ::
:: Hair - Beusy Lilith Hair & Cap - Ombres ::
:: Makeup - Euphoric. Drew Eyeliner - 3 ::
:: Tattoo - TAOX Kiss This ::
:: Head Jewels - PUNCH Trine ::
:: Nose - PUNCH Heart Septum Ring ::
:: Nails - RealEvil Industries Witchy Rings & Nails ::
:: Choker - #EMPIRE Choker - Moon ::
:: Top - WONDERLOST Lina Tied Tank - Little Squirt ::
:: Bottom - CandyDoll Savannah Shorts - Black ::
:: Boots - REIGN. Thigh High Sneakers - Skelly ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] RAD II Bento - Pack 003 :: {@Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] RAD II Bento - Pack 004 :: {@Cosmopolitan}
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Underground Background - 1 ::

My Thoughts

Hi my loves! This week I am completely living out my teenage dream and going skater! Brings back many awesome memories of being a kid and not having a care in the world, listening to rock/punk music and taking life by the horns ♥

This week, my sponsor [ west end ] has created an amazing pose set for the Cosmopolitan event, just for this very occasion and I'm sure you will agree they are stunning. It comes with the skateboard that you can rez or wear to pose. Each one is completely bento friendly and there's not one inch out of line.. helping you to look realistic in those high detailed shots! There are four in total and each as good as the next, definitely some for your pose collection!

At Cosmopolitan this month is the second Anniversary round, so be sure to hop on over and check out the celebrations and amazing creators!

Until next time my loves, stay safe ♥

:: 18th May - 30th May 2020 ::

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Look No. 96 // Bossy B*tch

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Eyes - .lovelysweet. Firestar Eyes ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Kitten - Brunette ::
:: Makeup - BLASPHEMIC After Sex :: {@XXX Event}
:: Tattoo 1 - TAOX Underboob Honey Queen VG ::
:: Tattoo 2 - TAOX Sleeves Malicious VU ::
:: Nails - NAILPLUG X O U T R E Coven Set ::
:: Clothes - CowGirl Up! Bitch Black ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] This Beautiful Life Bento - 05 :: {Group Gift}
:: Pose 2 - HERA Emotions Bento Pose Set - Shoot Me ::
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Bossy Bitch Backdrop ::

My Thoughts:
I have a few goodies coming up for you in todays' post, and I have to admit I went to town and had fun with it.. sometimes you just need to let your creativity shine! Up first is an entry for the XXX Event.. now this event is a new one to me so I was super excited to blog this one. BLASPHEMIC has created the After Sex makeup which comes with the smudged lipstick and runny mascara. You can have both of just one on at a time and it comes in a range of lipstick colours including black, red, pink, nude and more! You get an Omega applier to fit all, as well as the original tattoo layers!

Up next is this cheeky little outfit bought to you by CowGirl Up! I think it fit the scene really well and looks good even if you're on the town, at a club or out shopping.. letting your cheeky side show ♥ It comes with the top and bottoms and it's all mesh like material. It's highly detailed and on the back 'Queen' is printed. This is a mainstore release, so make sure you drop by and pick yours up!

Lastly, I have a bento pose pack from [ west end ] and this pose is just one of five poses that are made especially for bento.. and would you believe they are a group gift! Definitely join the group and pick these up, as well as many other high quality gifts! [ west end ] really like to treat us ♥ 

Until next time my loves!


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Look No. 95 // Eye On You

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Labyrinth - Blondes ::
:: Tattoo - BLASPHEMIC All-Seeing Eye :: {@ TWE12VE}
:: Clothing - Dark Angel Mishon Denim Dresses - Fade Denim ::
:: Prop - {a.n.c} Ocean Dust ::

My Thoughts:
I don't know about you, but I'm very much a tattoo girl. I like full sleeves, full body, legs only.. all of them! So naturally, I was super excited when my sponsor BLASPHEMIC told me about their entry for the TWE12VE monthly event.

BLASPHEMIC have made a lovely back tattoo that sits just in the middle, and it's the all-seeing eye. The detail on this is absoloutely incredible, I was completely blown away ♥ It comes in three different shades so you can customise how dark you actually want it with your skin tone. It also comes with an Omega HUD and a Legacy HUD, so it works with everyone as long as you have the omega relay. BLASPHEMIC have included the older secondlife tattoo layers for those of us without a mesh body!

Definitely one to pick up, so please swing on by using the picture below and grab yours.. treat yourself ♥
Until next time lovelies!

:: 12th May - 30th May 2020 ::

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Look No. 94 // There For You

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Horizon - Brunette ::
:: Piercing - PUNCH Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Necklace - Kibitz Bat Necklace - Gold ::
:: Rings - [ SpotCat ] Panther Bento Rings ::
:: Nails - NAILPLUG X O U T R E Coven Set ::
:: Top - evani. Candy Velvet Top - Black ::
:: Bottom - evani. Candy Velvet Shorts - Black ::
:: Pose - [ west end ] BF4E Friends Bento Pose :
:: Backdrop - .PALETO. Civita ::

My Thoughts:
Sometimes you just need to take a minute out of your day to cuddle with someone, particularly if you have had a stressful one, or your heart just needs an uplift. As things slowly start getting back to normal in the real world, I think we will be doing much more of this!

This bento pose was made by my sponsor [ west end ] and I think it perfectly reflects the internal need for some human contact! It's not a new release but it is a special pose for those of us that love to take those little moments and record them.. whether it be with your mother, sister or girlfriend ♥

To add the the ultra softness, I have worn the Candy Velvet set from evani. and a few little cute bits of jewellery from Kibitz and PUNCH. For an extra bit of alternative sass I have also added the nails from NAILPLUG X O U T R E. I love a bit of witchy coven vibes!

Until next time my loves, please stay safe ♥

Friday, 15 May 2020

Look No. 93 // Obsession

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Eyes - .lovelysweet. Firestar Eyes ::
:: Hair - DOUX Ciara - Deluxe ::
:: Makeup - BLASPHEMIC Obsession Lipstick :: {@ The Darkness Event}
:: Piercing 1 - PUNCH Diamond Nose Stud ::
:: Piercing 2 - PUNCH Belly Piercing Diamond ::
:: Neck - #EMPIRE Choker ::
:: Top - .ViSion. Kora Fishnet Top ::

My Thoughts:
So I'm just going to jump straight in with one of my favourite events around in second life! If you love the dark, the alternatives, the rock, the witchy.. you will know of The Darkness Event. This month my sponsor BLASPHEMIC has knocked it RIGHT out of the park with this amazing lipstick!

It's super glossy and textured, and comes in a range of different colours including a bright red, nude, pinks, white, lilac, black and more! It comes in an omega style hud that supports BOM, as well as the original secondlife tattoo layers for all the old school ladies.. we love ya! ♥

I have paired this with the lovely jewellery from PUNCH.. if you have followed me for any length of time you will know that I love the shi* out of this brand and can't help myself. The top from {ViSion} just sets off the whole look, I hope you agree!

Remember to check out the event below for BLASPHEMIC and many more talented creators!

Until next time my loves ♥

:: 5th May - 28th May 2020 ::


Saturday, 9 May 2020

Look No. 92 // The Beard Type

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Eyes - .lovelysweet. Firestar Eyes ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Kitten - Brunette ::
:: Top - BLASPHEMIC Beard Shirt :: {BOTS Hunt Gift}
:: Bottom - Blueberry Anna Skirts - White ::
:: Shoes - #EMPIRE Noisette ::
:: Pose - . MILA . Single pose 58 ::

My Thoughts:
If you LOVE the thrill of the hunt, then the Battle of the Sexes Hunt has officially started and there are plenty of amazing goodies to be found by a range of creators! ♥ The top I'm wearing today is an exclusive hunt gift by BLASPHEMIC. It's a female tank that reads 'I like his beard' and comes with an accompanying T-shirt for your male friend, boyfriend or husband that says 'I like her butt'.
The female tank comes to fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP! I have added in a picture below for the male counterpart and which bodies it's designed for.

I have paired this shirt with the Noisette strapped wedges from #EMPIRE and the white matte skirt from Blueberry. Perfect for the summer and to have a few fun pictures with a friend or lover! The Battle of the Sexes hunt starting point is below, and runs from 1st May - 31st May 2020.

Until next time my lovelies ♥

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Look No. 91 // I'm So Retro!

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Hair - Stealthic Penance - Browns ::
:: Nails - NAILPLUG X O U T R E Skittles Set ::
:: Eyewear - (Yummy) Vice Sunglasses - Black ::
:: Jewellery - Maxi Gossamer Faylinn Flower Charm/Chocker ::
:: Top - BLASPHEMIC Retro Shirt :: {Hunt Gift}
:: Bottom - Blueberry In Control Suit Pants ::
:: Shoes - REIGN. Floral Jacori Plats ::
:: Backdrop - MINIMAL Retro Backdrops - 8 ::
:: Pose 1 - I-Slay Akoko Cutie Pose 3 ::
:: Pose 2 - I-Slay Akoko Cutie Pose 2 ::

My Thoughts:
Today I am showcasing the fantastic gift made by my sponsor BLASPHEMIC for the Retro Hunt and I'm sure you will agree, the shirt is nerdy, cute and super colourful! It reads 'I'm So Retro' with a rainbow over the top and it's a total must have. It comes to fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, EBody and TMP! 
The Retro Hunt is going on RIGHT NOW up until 31st May, so please make sure you join in the fun and snap up this gift!

 Starting Location

To go with the whole retro theme, I have selected a new release from Blueberry which is the retro style flared jeans, the floral jacori heels from REIGN and the floral necklace/chocker set from Maxi Gossamer (which btw matches perfectly) 
I think the whole look just came together so beautofully and I had some real fun putting it together.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest from Elite SL Fashion!
Until next time my lovelies, stay safe ♥