Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Look No. 95 // Eye On You

:: Body - Belleza Freya Bento ::
:: Head - CATWA Magy Bento ::
:: Hair - TRUTH HAIR Labyrinth - Blondes ::
:: Tattoo - BLASPHEMIC All-Seeing Eye :: {@ TWE12VE}
:: Clothing - Dark Angel Mishon Denim Dresses - Fade Denim ::
:: Prop - {a.n.c} Ocean Dust ::

My Thoughts:
I don't know about you, but I'm very much a tattoo girl. I like full sleeves, full body, legs only.. all of them! So naturally, I was super excited when my sponsor BLASPHEMIC told me about their entry for the TWE12VE monthly event.

BLASPHEMIC have made a lovely back tattoo that sits just in the middle, and it's the all-seeing eye. The detail on this is absoloutely incredible, I was completely blown away ♥ It comes in three different shades so you can customise how dark you actually want it with your skin tone. It also comes with an Omega HUD and a Legacy HUD, so it works with everyone as long as you have the omega relay. BLASPHEMIC have included the older secondlife tattoo layers for those of us without a mesh body!

Definitely one to pick up, so please swing on by using the picture below and grab yours.. treat yourself ♥
Until next time lovelies!

:: 12th May - 30th May 2020 ::

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