Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Look No. 151 // Just You & Me

:: Body - Legacy // Female ::
:: Head - LeLUTKA // Nova Head ::
:: Hair - TRUTH // Kitten ::
:: Nails - Avada // Stiletto Cassandra ::
:: Back Tattoo - TAOX // Peace Around The World ::
:: Sleeve Tattoo - Speakeasy // Skell ::
:: Tummy - Cynful // Mina Piercing :::
:: Top - Blueberry // Solstice Lace Set ::
:: Bottom - Solange! // Thong Panty ::
:: Pose 1 - [ west end ] // Always You Couple Pose :: {@ Cosmopolitan}
:: Pose 2 - [ west end ] // Lover Couple Pose :: {@ Cosmopolitan}

My Thoughts:

Hi lovely, I hope you are having a fantastic week so far and that life is being good to you. Time is rolling by so fast, sometimes it's hard to catch a breath.... but grab a coffee, take a seat and let me show you some awesome poses!

These two bento poses were created by my sponsor [ west end ] exclusively for the Cosmopolitan event which ends in a few days! Both come with a separate couch prop which you can use with or without these poses ♥

The first one is called Always You and it consists of her laying crossed arms over his lap as she rests her head for a while.... he has a lovely cheeky view too! This is fully bento compatible and the poses fit together impeccably well ♥ This can be used with both males and females and looks super comfy and sensual.

The second pose is called Lover and it depicts this image perfectly. She rests her arm over his knee as she lays her head on his arm. He surrounds her completely, loving her, keeping her safe and warm. This is such a beautiful moment to capture and bento compatible. [ west end ] has really created some beautiful entries this round, so if you agree please run down to Cosmopolitan!

Until next time xoxo 


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